Our Servings started out as a school project at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta. Tasked to research a community issue and provide a potential solution, a team of 7 set out to look into “Food Waste and Insecurity in Edmonton”. Once the class project was over, two of the team members Mursal Khedri and Ria Rana set out to pursue their passion for social innovation and entrepreneurship. The duo started working on the marketplace concept in Aug 2016. After months of brainstorming and meetings with community members, endless hours of research, and one too many lean canvases, Our Servings was born. Our Servings’ vision is to provide the community with edible, nutritious, locally-sourced food at affordable prices, and to reduce food waste while we are at it! The pilot is in its early stages and your feedback is welcome! You can support the project through GoFundMe, or if you are interested in a partnership, please contact us.
Our Servings Team