All our products are sourced from local farms in and around Alberta and British Columbia.
That’s a great question! “Surplus food” does not have a set definition; however, it can loosely described as: any edible food that is produced, processed, and distributed, but for a variety of reasons is not sold, served or consumed. It differs from "food scraps" that are defined as inedible foods no longer suitable for consumption. Managing surplus food by repurposing it for human consumption is one of the key ways to reduce the ecological footprint of food waste, and practicing a more sustainable food consumption lifestyle.

Yes! Surplus food is completely fit for human consumption! Furthermore, our program has been vetted and approved by Alberta Health Services.
When vendors sign up to post their products on our website, they are expected to give at least 30-50% discounts.
When our drivers pick up the food from our vendors, they check it for quality. Please note that because this is surplus food, misshapen and (lightly) blemished fruits and vegetables are completely normal. Low aesthetic appeal does not compromise nutritional value!
For our pilot, we are covering postal codes within the Anthony Henday, Edmonton.
We charge a flat delivery fee of $2.99 on all order below $30.00. All orders above $30.00 are free of charge.
We deliver two times a week-- once during the weekday and once on the weekend. Weekday deliveries are Wednesdays between 4-8pm, and weekend deliveries are Sunday afternoons between 12-4pm.
We do not have a storefront yet, but you can schedule a pick-up time from our warehouse. Please contact us at _____________ to schedule a pick-up time!
At Our Servings, we take customer service seriously. If you are not happy with your order, we will exchange the items (with the option of choosing other products) at no additional cost to you.

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