Vendor – How it works

Why you should join us


Low Fees

Recover Costs and Make More Sales

Get Paid Quicker

Reach More

Decrease Disposal and Spoilage Costs

Posting products is fairly simple:

1. First, create a vendor account and wait to be reviewed and approved by admin.

2. Once approved, you will have the option to post and sell your products at a discount of 30-50% (of premium). You get to set your price. You can sell it by weight or per unit, that’s also up to you. However, before the products you post go live on the website it will have to be approved by admin. This is to ensure that all the required fields are complete, the product images have uploaded properly and products are not being sold at premium rates.

We encourage you to post anticipated inventory in advance.

You can sell a wide variety of products: fruits, vegetables, honey, jams, pickles, preserves, sauces, spreads, candy/confectionery, coffee, and tea.

Additionally, you can sell eggs and we can facilitate the transaction, however, the customer must directly pick-up from you as we are unable to deliver them as per Alberta Health Services (AHS) regulations.

3. Once a customer buys your items, we ask that you drop off the product at our warehouse located on 15387 117Ave within 48 hours of purchase. We will handle the packaging and delivery. If the drop-off location does not work for you, we can possibly arrange a pick-up, so please contact us as soon as possible if that’s the case.

4. In your vendor account, you will add your banking information which will allow instant money deposit (subtracting Our Servings’s commission).

We hope to simplify the logistics for you as a vendor. In your account, you will also have access to a dashboard that will allow you to track how much you’ve sold, your revenue and generally speaking, how much you’ve contributed to reducing food waste! You can use those stats however you choose.